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pin design services

Best Pin Design Services for Pinterest Marketing In 2020

If you are a blogger, business owner, managing an online store or building a brand and you are thinking of market your business on Pinterest, then we are providing you the best pin design services at a very cheap price.

Do you know 90% of information transmitted into a human from visuals brain rather than text?

So you need to have more eye-catchy images or pins for your business to get more shares and saves on Pinterest.

In recent updates of Pinterest, it is clear that ugly pins are not going to viral. And Pinterest always loves fresh pins.

Custom Pin Design Services with 3 Packages:

  • 20 Basic Pin Designs Using Canva: 10$

  • 30 Eye-catchy Pin Designs Using Canva: 30$   

  • 100 Custom Pin Designs Using Canva: 80$

Note: If you have stock photos you can share with us. Otherwise, we will use free stock photos from Google or any other source.

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